pic: 2007 GTR Winning Alliance


The winning alliance from the 2007 Greater Toronto Regional. This picture was taken immediately after Final Match 2. This alliance was a pleasure to have. Three great scorers, constantly peppering the rack with tubes. It was pure excitement.

And my eyes are immediately drawn to a certain 2056 mentor doing the Joe Matt in the background. LOL, go Tyler. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice robots, too. I believe this was the first double ramp 1114 pulled off this season, and it couldn’t have come at a more critical, pressure-packed time.

Thanks for posting this. From up in the stands the coordination between the three robots was a joy to watch. They never got in each other’s way picking up and scoring tubes. And the final ramp move was like a dance as 1114 and 176 came back together followed by 2056 going up and pushing 176 to the end of the ramp.

Bill’s right. This may be the best alliance that 1114 has ever been a part of. The three teams truly functioned as one unit, each executing their game plans to perfection. I’m still shocked that this alliance even happened, as 176 was far too good to have slipped to the 24th selection in the draft. In many of the matches, the defense keyed on 1114 and 2056, leaving 176 to roam free. I’m fairly certain that in a few of our matches, 176 put up the most tubes on the alliance.