pic: 2007 IRI Finalist

2007 IRI 2nd Place Alliance.
Alliance Captain Team 47 Chief Delphi
Team 33 Killer Bees
Team 68 Truck Town Thunder
Team 93 New Apple Corps

This is an awesome picture.
the robots
the people
the banners in the background
i love it!

I love how half of 68 is looking the other way! Great pic i wish we took one like this with our alliance.

I have a couple of additional shots of this here and here that don’t have Truck Town staring off to the right.

While I am aware that our team was only along for the ride, I’m sure we could have stepped up and stepped in if called upon to do so.

You have no idea how difficult it is to be right next to the field during the elimination rounds while your team is on the field and not be able to jump up and down and cheer out loud because you are a ref and MUST remain impartial in all that you do. Talk about being pulled in two directions!!

Thanks to teams 33, 47 and 68 for thinking we were good enough to be a back-up!


Though both alliances contained amazing teams, this is the alliance that I believe should’ve won.
But, I was satisfied either way.
Good job to you all…

Side note to 33: You have no idea how many times I turned to team mates on 393 and said, “God… 33 never ceases to amaze me… did you see that?”

It was a privilege to compete against this outstanding alliance in the semi’s…congratulations to all four great teams!!

That is a sweet allience. All these teams have thrived and have had great success. Very nice! :slight_smile: This is probably one of the best team pictures that I have seen in my FIRST history (7 years or so)

That is an awesome alliance! They would have hands down won a regional event with that alliance.

I believe that most of the finals alliances at IRI this year would have hands down won a regional event.