pic: 2007 Los Angeles Regional Winners


This is a group shot of the 2007 Los Angeles Regional Winners. The people are kind of grouped by team the left is Team 4, the middle is Team 330 and on the right is Team 254. And the robots are, in the middle with the ramps out is Team 330, on the Right Team 254 and on the left of Team 4. With all of our numerous awards in the front.

wow, that’s a lot of blue! Congrats to all three teams on a great win. I hope we get to see some video soon, because the match results were spectacular. Looking forward to competing against 254 in SVR!

gratz, cant wait to play with teams 4 and 254 in Vegas…gonna be fun!

PS- how did three amazing teams end up on the same alliance? thats awesome!

Congrats guys, can’t wait to see 254 in Silicon Valley.

Congrats! I’ll be at SVR too (although we aren’t competing there)

2nd seed, 254, declined 1070’s invitation. 1070 then selected 968. 254 had wanted to ally with 968, so 330 was their 2nd choice. For our third partner, we selected team 4, who was in dead last place but who we knew would make a good defense 'bot. The rest, as they say, …

Sorry we ruined your picture there with a little bit of pink. Haven’t seen ours yet but I’m sure you ruined it just as well with a bit of blue :smiley: They were tearing down the field so fast, and they had their fingers on the switch to kill the lights when we were both taking pics, so… Anyway, thanks for the great matches and we’ll see you in SD.

So much fun. Thanks for the alliance to teams 254 and 330. Amazing final matches 980,580,696.

I found it ironic that, although all three teams were blue, we were on the red alliance side until the finals.

that was a great last match, the beachbots claw was an amazingly simple design, but it worked so well


Congrats to 254, 330, and team 4 for the win, way to go guys. Good luck to teams 254 and 4 at Las Vegas, and we will see team 330 at San Diego.