pic: 2007 NYC Regional Elimination Bracket


This is the 2007 Elimination Bracket for the NYC Regional.

I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but The Blue Alliance Match Archives System now has match brackets for each event in the system.

Yours looks a lot prettier though :smiley:

I think it would be fun to have a site that has like a march madness bracket where we could get on after alliance selection and fill out our own brackets and compare them to others. I think I’d enjoy that just as much or more than FF. Perhaps this idea belongs in the games forum, but your bracket reminded me of it. Congrats to the winning alliance, but my bracket would have looked differently (and I would have been wrong).

At that time I think it was Week 3 regionals there were no Elimination Brackets preiod (not even for the crew) so we scrambled something up in MS Paint so everyone can have an idea of what alliance was doing what. This particular bracket I made 2 years ago in Paint - I just erased the Team Numbers and updated it - I’ll have the 07 NJ Regional in a day or so I just have to find the paper I wrote everything on.