pic: 2007 POV-Ray Desktop Teaser


The 2007 POV-Ray desktop-sized renders of the field are on the way, so you can look at the field every time you turn on your computer. They should be finished by the middle of the week, if not earlier.

Hey look, a 5 on diamond plate!

I recognize that from somewhere…hm…where could I have seen it before…?


Shhh…it’s in hiding. It took off its blue ringer. :cool:

Any chance of posting the POV-Ray file when you’re done?

Would you be willing to post the Rack model so that other teams can use it? It’s one of the more difficult pieces to CAD, especially since the part diagrams are so incredibly confusing. Thanks!


I will post the POV-Ray source, including the rack model. I got a lot done today, so hopefully I can have it all posted tomorrow. POV-Ray’s environment, though, is entirely numeric and not at all easily portable to any other CAD programs. I’ll do my best to comment it so that the basic elements are shown usefully.

As always, I’ll also post driver’s- and human player’s-eye-view shots, with and without ringers blocking the view.