pic: 2007 POV-Ray Desktops

Available here:

More coming tomorrow (1/9)…PM me if you would like a specific screen resolution and/or camera angle.

High resolution renders would be awesome. A lot of monitors these days display much more than 1024x768, and stretching up one of these awesome renders will make it look worse. My laptop runs 1440x900, which is widescreen, but would mean that one of these would get fairly blurry from sizing it up.

Can you release high-resolution renders? Thanks.

SXGA, UXGA, WXGA, WSXGA, and WUXGA renders of the corner shot and maybe a rack close-up are on their way. Are there any other in-between sizes that anyone wants?

1280x800 please? Not sure if that is already in the list of *XGA reolutions you had there. :slight_smile:


This is probably a bit much to ask, but I would love to have a widescreen version for my rig. And by widescreen, I mean two 1680x1050 monitors, hehe.

Thus, my request is for a 3360x1050 of the entire field, perhaps on a slight angle or whatever you think looks good (I use a nifty program called UltraMon that will split the photo for each monitor).

Its hard to find wallpapers for this size of screen, so I would greatly appreciate it if you took a shot :slight_smile:

New resolutions added, including one huge (3840x1200) dual-desktop one. I’m working on a few more different angles, including a rack close-up, at 1920x1200.


Could you make the obstructed drivers views with less ringers on the rack. It would be nice to see how obstructed it looks when there are only like 5-10 ringers on the rack.
also if you could get 1680-1050 resolution. That would be nice

You owe me a new keyboard. It shorted out from when I started drooling over the sight of your render.

Very very good job. This is going on my desktop.

I like these! the only problem i see is that the camera width on the dual screen one is a bit wide… is it supposed to be like this?

One quick question, My laptop is able to run 2 moniters off the onboard ATI video card. However when I do set the double moniter image as desktop background it shows as a smushed image on each moniter not stretching from 1 to the other.

Any way I can fix this?

Possible solution?

i would try setting the position of the wallpaper from stretched to tile. that should work