pic: 2007 Wisconsin Regional - Final Match Score

One point decides the final match at the 2007 Wisconsin Regional, what a match!

Wow… Thats all I have to say…

It was quite a match, check it out from a few angles:


and from the stands:

Very exciting!

wow 4 ROOKIES in the finals. Congrats.

that is ridiculous… i cant even imagine the reaction when that came up on the board. we lost by one in a qualifying match and it was intense… but in the finals… wow.

yes, it was probably the most awesome moment of my robotics career. the match ended and everyone was adding the ringers up in thier head, seeing if we won or not. then the final score came up…and it was screams and hugs all around. very intense, very awesome, very joyful. our opponents made us work for that win, and that made it so much sweeter.

That match was great even from the losing end. We thought we had the match and were going to force a 3rd, then 537 snuck up that ramp at the last second. For a split second the reaction was :frowning: . Then our whole team started cheering :smiley:

You guys had a great alliance and played great straight through the finals. We were truly bested by the better team. Congrats again to 2194, 2169 and 537.