pic: 2008-09 Sponsor Cart

This is our new Cart, we went through and redesigned it. It weighs 50 lbs with some CNC cutouts. Our team had lost a very big sponsor and decided to raise money by going out to the community and asking for sponsorships, anything greater than $500 would get their name CNC into the Cart.

-One company bought all the aluminum for it ($1600 worth including tubing, sheets and some carbon fiber for the season). Thank you Valley Iron.
-Another one will powder it and all needed parts during the season, they also offer anodizing.

This was a very successful fundraiser and it is helping to train about 15+ freshman how to use the tools and they get to see the CNC in action. I will post real thing when it is built in a couple of days.

Looks hefty! Very solid, I like that. Have you thought about how you’ll get it to the competition? I don’t know if that will fit in the crate, so someone might have to drive it…

What size aluminum tube are you using for this?

Glad you brought this up, the only reason the cart is like that is because of our fellow team mate. We have always been over on weight, our robot crate has been fairly light but our 2nd crate has been heavy. It is made of 2x2 6063 aluminum tubing, we are going to weld a couple of corners but most of it is going to be bolted. So the 3 layers are going to be able to come off, and the legs will be wrapped together. So this baby can get compacted really fast.

I am willing to donate wheels :rolleyes:

Seriously though that looks awesome!

if the robot is supposed to fit into that big recess opening up towards us and the top, then I would suggest finalizing the design after november 4th since the maximum chassis dimensions might change.

if it goes on top no worries and the recess is for tools then no worries except stability! :slight_smile:

good job!

Thanks so much, We are bolting the top and we were thinking around the same lines.

Thanks a lot :yikes::):D:o

Looks pretty sweet, good luck with it, so far you are doing a great job of planning, and your ideas for the cart itself sound great.

A fellow friend from simbotics gave me a few tips.

I’m assuming you meant January 4th?

Wow! I can’t believe I’m still affected :slight_smile:

classic slip :slight_smile: