pic: 2008 612 Drive System

Chantilly Robotics (Team 612) 2008 6-Wheel Belt Drive version 2. This is our upgraded version from 2007, which includes stronger belts, pulleys and new custom wheels.


where did you guys get those wheels?

Custom 5 inch wheels: 2 pieces of 1/2 lexan cut out on our CNC. We cut designed patterns to save weight and make them look good :wink:

These are the new version of our wheel from last year. http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/26365

According to the caption, they’re custom. Probably from the CNC in the back.
edit: Shan beat me to it
I’m liking the nitrile tread, wonder who gave them that idea? :wink:

I think 116 gave us that idea, but the one idea we won’t be taking from 116 is how to destroy the Smithsonian’s floor with nitrile tread :smiley:

If by destroy you mean leave pretty blue artistic loops on a concrete floor of a construction area, then sure. :rolleyes:

Nice work Shan and Ash. I am liking the extruded

That’s the messiest floor I’ve ever seen on ChiefDelphi.

where can you buy nitrile tread?

McMaster-Carr caries it. It’s under “incline conveyor belts”.

how fast you guys moving this year?

we are geared for 11 fps under no load
2 cims and kit transmission then we are geared down with a belt and pulley drive system - 612 doesnt do chains