pic: 2008 Chairman's Winners Team 842

Congrats to Team 842, Falcon Robotics on the 2008 Chariman’s Award


SAME! Congrats!

Congrats guys! You definatly deserved the award!
See you in Vegas next year?

Congrats… Great Job!

There is just nothing like a great picture of a great team with everyone smiling. Congratulations everyone!

Congratulations on being a new role model for all the teams out there! People tend to forget that the Chairman’s award is really the one everyone should strive for each year.

Rock on!

Congrats to everyone on Team 842!

It was great to see you all up on the stage (even though you could not see or hear very well from that vantage point).

Hope all is well and you are starting to get good use out of “Teddy” (the Chairman’s Award video camera).

Have a wonderful year! Continue to inspire!

Yes we are! We are meeting the state legislature tomorrow and possibly the governor!

If you are bored June 7th at 8pm MST watch the live webcast of the National Underwater Robotics Challenge live on the web


Thanks to all for your kind words. I’ve been a mentor for Team 842 for four years now. Competition is always very tough. I now how hard all of the regional chairman’s award winners have worked and will continue to do so. We’ll see all of you at next year’s competitions.

I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of days, deciding whether to post or not. I decided to go with it.

842, you guys are such a special team. It is true, all FIRST teams have special qualities and special attributes. But, you guys have touched my heart in a way very few have. I’ve watched your courage develop and your willingness to share your struggles and sorrows as a team trying to do the right thing for your fellow members. I’ve watched your mentors do nothing but support, encourage, find ways to make a difference in Arizona and in FIRST through robotics. I’ve watched very shy people step forward and make decisions to speak to the news media, to politicians, to judges, to any one who will listen. That is no small thing. I’ve watched all of you handle criticism and difficult setbacks with quiet dignity and grace. Not acceptance - grace. And through it all, you have championed.

Seniors, as you graduate, you take with you the knowledge that you have continued to help develop your team and make inroads into systems that are stubborn, old, brittle - but are giving way to your team’s enthusiasm, experience, and attitude. You will always have the knowledge that you have helped continue the legacy and it will never go away. 842 now resides in the FIRST Hall Of Fame. :slight_smile:

Congratulations to all of you.
It was fun watching you sway to the music and smile - big, big smiles.

We have been kidding that this is the “year of the tear”. There have been so many touching moments and, Jane, your post is yet another one of those moments.

This morning we were at the state capitol as guests of the House of Representatives. They had chairs for us on the house floor. The Speaker of the House even invited Mable to sit next to him at the dais. Many very kind and inspiring words were said about the them and it’s members, but yours will be the ones we will all remember years from now.

Thank you.


Well Jane, thank you so much for all your kind words. You understanding where we have come from and how far we have come despite our problems is very important to us. It is great knowing that there are people out there that know what we are going through. Doing all the things we do still amazes me sometimes, and I was there. We look at other great teams and try to find in ourselves what we can do to be on the same level. We can’t be MOE, but we can be the best Falcon Robotics Team that we can be and we can make an impact in our own way. So that is what we focused on. Our situation gave us the added purpose to achieve goal of making it to the Hall of Fame, that a lot of teams lack. Another team could have won the chairman’s and no one would have thought that another team deserved it more. We know we are very fortunate in this respect. We are glad though that the judges did recognize our accomplishments and did select us. It has been a very affirming gift to us to know that we are doing the right things. We knew it anyway, but it is nice to know others know it too. We are looking very much toward the Hall of Fame next year and we have some great ideas for Arizona as well. We will keep posting our stuff on Chief Delphi to share like we always have. Take care Jane! We are holding you to your promise to come out to see the NURC competition next year. In the mean time, June 7th, 8pm MST watch the webcast. www.h2orobots.org

We will keep fighting our battles and hope the rest of the country catches up with us and FIRST. We Need this presidential election very bad. We need the DREAM act!

Great job guys! It is a high honor that is well deserved. Congrats on your win again, and looking forward to the new addition in the Hall of Fame pit!