pic: 2008 Crossmembers Together

Ooo . . . shiny aluminum. :smiley:

Nice looking… what is being mounted to the smaller holes?

Hope you have done you weight calculations…
Doesn’t look like you have much left to cheese out if weight becomes an issue…

But… nice milling… Being a Fabrication/Assembly biased FIRST member, It is nice to see ‘custom components’ being designed and fabbed for a unique result… are these conventional [old school… old guys rule!! ] or CNC [PHD] milled parts???

Those are just mounting holes that we always add to the bot for later use. We drill .201" holes all around so that when we want to mount something we can either put a 10-32 bolt through and fasten or tap to fit a 1/4-20 bolt.

We used almost the same base last year so we know what the approximate weight is going to be and we actually had all 4x4 throughout the whole frame last year and decided to use 2x4 for the cross members and 4x4 on the side rails which will lighten it up even more