pic: 2008 drivetrain 1771


Hey all this is our frame for this years competition. 6wd center wheel driven direct from the toughbox. Andymark wheels. Let me know what you think.

is that c-channel going to be the only thing holding the arm. it seems to me it needs more support.

Get out of my head! :slight_smile:

Looks like you could really use another crossbar for lateral support. I’m assuming you will have some sort of alternate support for the column.

What is the weight and are there any real advantages over the kitbot frame?

One word. Electronics.

Unless the back half is unoccupied and can be used, I think you’ve left your electronics team quite the challenge.

Are the other four wheels going to be powered?
What was your thought process for uses six regular wheels?

Looks great, wish our team was that far.

they stated in the caption that only the center two wheels are powered, and it seems that there is plenty of room on this bot for the 6 or so victors,the battery, the distribution block, as well as the “brain”…the only issue they might run into is if they want to make a solid board.

The c channel will not be the only thing holding up the arm. There will be more braces down low and Im also thinking 2 braces coming off the arm to the base forming a huge triangle. There will also be another brace in the front to stiffen things up. As far as electronics they can be put just about any where in there. We really don’t have anything else going in…maybe the compressor? Also I want to mount the controller and some things vertically.

The advantage of this over a kit bot is obviously strength and it is perfectly suited for our version of the game. Also there are little things like tensioning slots and such which allows us to run #25 chain without worry.

We used the standard wheels mainly to save weight and they are still fairly grippy. Also the 6" diameter wheels give us about a 9.5fps speed which we are going for.

Looks like a very familiar design.

We’ve used a similar configuration with great sucess for a number of years now. (3 that I can remember at least)

That was our2004 bot taken apart for offseason testing.

If you need any pointers, or general advice just feel free to ask.

Thanks everyone. Hopefully it will work well. I’ve been trying to build a drivetrain like this for the past 3 years and I think it’s finally going to happen