pic: 2008 FRC148 Robowrangler Robot - Tumbleweed

The CAD Assembly of the 2008 Robowrangler Robot “Tumbleweed” is now available for download.

Hi Everyone,
I posted a CAD assembly (STEP) of our 2008 Robot “Tumbleweed” for download. Lots of people have asked me for these CAD files over the years (maybe there is something interesting about a 3-wheeled, 9-sided, coaxial swerve drive?) so I wanted to cut out the middle-man. I figured maybe someone could learn something from the CAD models.

Please direct any questions to me, and I’ll be happy to answer them.



I’m sorry, what was this used for? A bot to help practice?

And… that looks like crab drive?

But looks AWESOME! :slight_smile:


This Bot was their 2008 FRC Competition Robot. It also won the National Competition with Simbotics (1114) and Thunderchickens (217).

Heres the Last game on Einstein:



Tumbleweed is the 2008 World Champion. 3-wheel coaxial swerve drive, 9-sided robot, small enough to fit in some other robots’ claws (all of which descriptors can be found either in the opening post or here). The pole in the center held the flag pole and a ball-knocker-offer. Tumbleweed is a lapbot, and as such is designed for speed and maneuverability to get through or around heavy traffic.

John, how many CIMs was that really? You’re showing 6…

Eric, I’m pretty sure it was 4 Cims and 2 Fp’s.

Found pics, yay:



Ah, so John’s being lazy and throwing in 6 CIMs instead of taking the time to do it 4 and 2? Hmmm…Just what you’d expect from a guy who plays with VEX all day…:rolleyes:

Hey hey, give him some credit…:mad:

…there’s lasers there too :smiley:

Thank you for making this public.

You know, I was thinking earlier… isn’t it true that EVERY nine-sided robot ever built has won the World Championships?

Maybe they’re on to something here! :smiley:

It’s great that team 148’s posting full robot CADs after the fact; being able to look at a world champion’s swerve system and Archimedes screw is something my team will definitely find useful.

Oh wow I was so tired I didn’t see the picture’s title…

Some people model things to look pretty, some people model them so they can be built…

If it will make you feel better I can drop in the FP + AM Planetary Gearbox, but it doesn’t really make any difference from a functional standpoint.

Thanks, John. That is exactly what the AM Planetary is for.

Kudos to you for releasing this CAD. For this to be available as a resource to anyone is a very generous and inspirational move.

Andy B.

Even if John didn’t say it in his post, there’s a lot of merit to doing this.

In 2007 We designed a drive gearbox that was supposed to be able to swap between CIMs and FP with AM planetary. I CADd as we intended to build it, and at a later point when we wanted to move motors around, we found that a CIM wouldnt fit in some places. By putting the CIM in, you’re showing that there is enough clearance in all the mounting locations.

Aside from that, they’re a great team posting full CAD models of great robots; I’ll just say thank you.