pic: 2008 Hawaii WFFA Winner

Congratulations to Alan Ing of Team 368 - recipient of the 2008 Hawaii Woodie Flowers Finalist Award. At the luau waiting in line to congratulate him were 2005 Chesapeake WFFA winner Dave Lavery and 2003 Championship Woodie Flowers Award winner Andy Baker.

sweet tan dave! shouldn’t you be working on http://gizmodo.com/373860/nasa-lunar-chariot-tested-by-nyt-earthling-verdict-best-rims-in-outer-space ?

Congratulations to Alan Ing and Team 368!
We actually predicted that Alan would win, not knowing who you folks nominated. It was long overdue.
Such a humble individual.
I’m not surprised that you folks won GP also.
Its great that we can brag that we know Alan personally.

Good job!!!