pic: 2008 IRI Logo

Where The Egos Come To Play

Do you know what color the shirts will be this year?

It appears to be a nice Cyber Blue.

Well… the blue looks good… but I think the yellow needs to be a little brighter… maybe like a highlighter yellow… kind of like the yellow in this picture: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/31348

-q :wink:

p.s. I think it looks great. Where on earth did you get vector art of the shape of indiana?

nah, maybe if we turned it into a nice red and black it would all be better, lol

what meaning of egos is that ??

One of 234’s 2007 alumn students created it last year.

hmm I was actually hoping for something a little different.

I believe this originated from a derogatory comment from someone speaking about the IRI at the Manchester, NH Kickoff Workshops. Once the folks who plan the event got wind of this, they took pride in it and adopted it as the motto of IRI. It is, in my opinion, the most competitive event of the year… the only event that can garner the ‘egos’ that it does. Why wouldn’t they be proud of it?

At the IRI, there’s no excuses - just competition. And our team, for one, loves it.

So same shirts as last year?

I am PROUD of my shirt last year!

Why we love IRI and are hoping to be accepted again this year.

Every non-FIRSTer I know that has seen this t-shirt loves it. More so when I explain to them that IRI is like an All-Star game.

If you’ve never been its worth the trek. Where to alliances with 5 Einstien appearances in the previous 2 seasons go down in the first elim round? (968, 330, 177, 910, wow that would be 7 appearances now)

Hope they offer these great shirts in larger sizes hint hint for “larger” team members and fans–and I’d be willing to pay extra for their efforts!! :wink:

I pretty much wore my 2007 IRI shirt out wearing it so much last year. The logo on the back is cracked and faded. I could use a new one!

I liked the dark blue shirt color, too. I’d be happy if they kept it.

I think we all know what color I’d like the shirts to be. . .
I am so sad that I will not be able to make it to IRI.

I hope they’re not blue again. I liked it when they changed the color every year. But I do like the slogan. I fits the IRI perfectly.

Thinking about it, I can see why some people *might *think the slogan has an “egotistical” slant to it (and this from a former IRI winning team ;-). Just because “ego” might imply egotistical which I’ve never seen on any of the great teams that attend.

Any thoughts on, “Where the CHAMPIONS come to play!”

Amanda is right on the origin of the theme line.
And, it will probably change for 2009, gotta keep things moving
(but that is a secret :wink: ).

No decision yet on the shirt color,
i want “cyber blue” and baker wants “technokat red”.
(both are available in the custom color section at Sherwin Williams…)

but, the crew shirts will be day-glow something for sure.

I know the shirts were red a few years ago…maybe Killer Bees yellow. Pink would be a nice change of pace too. Haha.

BROWN is the new GOLD!