pic: 2008 Robowranglers Teaser

A closeup view of part of the 2008 Robowrangler Robot.

looks like the frame. pretty fancy too. much nicer looking than our recipricating saw hack job. we cut about 4lbs out of our frame pieces before we assembled. we had some newer members cutting out the pieces and they ended up having to work the file all day to clean up the rough edges. :stuck_out_tongue:
good luck, can’t wait to see the whole thing

Hrmmm all the things i think it could be…

Looks nice though

Is it a racer?

It didn’t look like you had anything for lifting, not that you can see much anyway

Can I see the whole robot? =)

For a couple hundred bucks you could fly to DFW, wear a trench coat & dark glasses, and maybe sneak into position to get a peek. Be careful that Brandon, JV, and others don’t catch you at it. :wink:

Or you could come to St. Louis in four weeks.