pic: 2008 Team 254 Teaser

Hmm…where have we seen these before? :wink:

I had a feeling you would eventually do that… Didn’t expect the 2007 bot though.

Your arm on that 05/04? bot is so awsome. You should uhh let me “borrow” that j/k

wait til you see our teaser! I see some similarities;)

Am I just imagining things or has the 2004 arm left its base behind?

The base is at school, we are teaching people to program with it.

I am just wondering how you have two balls and why they are under-inflated?

We have 2 teams that work in our lab. One belongs to the other team.

They are actually pretty close to fully inflated. For some reason our covers don’t fit too well.

The balls have a lot of stretch to them so they will inflate to fit snug into the cover. Just keep feeding them air :wink:

I agree with the fitment problem.
We had our ball at 40" diameter and the cover still looks a little too big.

I’m not impressed, now if you had managed to attach the 04 arm onto the back of the 07 bot then that would be something.:stuck_out_tongue: