pic: 2008 Webhug Panorama

Find yourself…

I see me! I see me!

Great to meet everyone, old and new (and for Corey and Kim, somewhere in the middle).

You can see the back of my head in to the right in front of Arefin.

I should be right behind Ed and Alex! Had a great time!

I’m the one wearing a white Championships shirt with the special red “STAFF” on the back of it :cool:

I see the back of my head!!! I was talking to Jenny, and I am two people to the left of her :slight_smile:

I see the back of my head. Awww thats all you see of me jeez? I see Dustin and Shelby too. Great time everyone.

I see Elgin!!!

haha, I see my team mates! I think I’m a bit too small to be seen myself :stuck_out_tongue:

I see the back of my head! haha :slight_smile:

Yup, there I am, at the top about 6 heads to the right of the FIRST banner.

I see where I was, but there are tall people in front of me (ahh the curse of being short)

Haha yeah joe matt I know what you mean…it was nice to “meet” you too :).

Darn, I’m not in the picture, I think I got there too late…But I really like what you did with the shot, it came out nice.

And I’m immediately to the right of Don, in the sunglasses…

I hate candid shots. I always end up looking like a doofus.

Yeah… try pictures/video of yourself driving.

Anywho… oh no… Help! I’ve been eclipsed by TheFro!!! :yikes:

Wait… actually I may be to the right of the guy in the orange construction vest.

sigh ahh well, my luck. :o


Darn, I also had my head turned away from the camera. Interestingly, my position behind one of the 816 guys and the similar colour of our shirts caused us to look like one person with two heads in this picture.

Nahhh. I can tell that its me and you are you. I think if I had two heads it would be pretty awkward. But yeah my shirt is a little darker. And I think Shelby who is right next to me would be a little freaked out.

I can see part of me next to all of one of my teammates. :stuck_out_tongue:

I missed it = but I’m there in spirit!

I’m facing the camera chatting with Alexa from Team 25 (bottom left - note the blue in her hair); my son Tim is behind me in a red cape. :slight_smile: It was great meeting CD friends in person!