pic: 2009 1270 Robot


2009 1270 Robot

Capacity…15-18 Orbit Balls
Picks up off the regolith
Archimedes Screw style storage and ball delivery to shooter
Shooter Range… Right against trailer to about 9 feet
Shooter turrets 45 degrees off center left to right, 90 degrees total
Camera programmed to be searching for targets entire match

Any Questions or comments are encouraged

Looks awesome Mike.

Congratulations on being able to pull it off on Thursday. I know how much stuff you guys had to do and I was very impressed when I saw you guys on the field. Honestly you guys should have been picked, this robot would have been BIG help to some of the alliances.

BTW how are thous front bumpers being held on?
How successful where you guys at using the camera?

Anyway man, hope to see you and Opie in Atlanta.

Hey Dave, thanks man it was a crazy Thursday, but we have a mainly rookie team this year that was just as prepared as our mostly veteran team from last year.We managed to get each component to work one match at a time and we didn’t get it up completely until the last two matches, where it was a little late to pick us on performance. I’m ready to put on a show in Atlanta though…:stuck_out_tongue:
Like I said, we got everything working at the end, so the camera will be making its debut in Atlanta. The bumpers have eye-bolts on the back and the frame has a 1/4-20 bolt sticking up, the eye bolt slips over the bolt and then gets a fender washer and a wing nut to hold it on.

Thanx for the compliments, and we are hoping to see you down in Atlanta too!!