pic: 2009_2


Is that Big Foot?

no i think it the Lockness monster, or manbearpig

Its a UFO! duh.

If the only picture you have is one taken with a .01 megapixel cell phone through a mayonnaise coated piece of saran wrap by a person in the throes of the DT’s, then great picture! Otherwise, why not post a better one?

(Please note: the above is intended in jest, not to offend anyone. If you are offended, sorry)

Actually i think the saran wrap was coated in raw honey!

well from what i can make out of this picture, if you would call it that, is that is beyond a doubt not legal now you ask why, bumpers, unless you made them in some illegal fashion, or figured out how to make them invisible (which maybe illegal because it interferes with sensors, human, not robotic, but the judges may be unhappy).
It also looks like you got a stethoscope sticking straight up on your robot, and directly out to the front, pointed down in an attempt to hear you robots heart beats, or the balls.
Overall, i would really like you to post a better picture.