pic: 2009 C.A.G.E. Match winning alliance

This is the winnng alliance at the 2009 CAGE Match. Congrats also to Teams 1529, 461 and 1646. You fought a great fight.

To say the alliances were evenly matched would be a pretty big understatement. First finals match was a tie; second finals match score was a tie, but a penalty gave 829-1501-1555 the win; final match score was within 6 points. While not high-scoring, he matches were among the most exciting and dramatic I’d ever seen. Especially when you factor in most of the drive teams were made up of rookies.

what was the cage match???

What’s just as impressive in my mind is that the alliances were all extremely high caliber and evenly matched, not just the final two. I was shocked to find out that an alliance consisting of 45 / 234 / 234’s practice robot was eliminated by the competition’s finalists.

It is an off season.

Take a look at the initial thread regarding it. In the first post is the link to the website that will tell you more about it. This off season is only going to grow stronger and better, attracting more incredible teams and volunteers in the process.

thank you kindly. thats another competition i may want to show to my team. lol
but its just an off season event named the cage match?
anything particular about the name???

The host teams are 829 Digital Goats and 1529 CyberCards.
CAGE is an acronym for Cards And Goats Exhibition.
It is an annual offseason event on the third Saturday in October in Indianapolis. It is set up to give the new team members experience with a FIRST event before build season comes around, as well as provide greater exposure for FIRST Robotics. It’s a low-key, feel-good event that benefits the Ronald McDonald House. This year 18 teams attended.

ah. mkay. sounds explainable enough. so i guess for us jerseyans, its DoD and brunswick eruption??? lol. these off season events are really benefitial to the teams

Bingo. Nothing stops you from registering from a far-off event save for logistics (heck, one of the teams in Israel came to Indiana for IRI a couple of years ago), though there is something to be said for a day-trippable event.

I agree that they’re a boost–now if only we could get one going in South Carolina!

you know south Carolina isn’t too far from Indiana… :rolleyes:

hmmm… yeah but my team is boring… they wont want to go to indiana…

Congratulations 829, 1501, 1555!

I’m glad that beautiful 1501 robot finally got some recognition.


461 was hoping to get our first competition win, but you guys just couldn’t let us :p. But honestly, those were some great matches and I’m glad we got to compete against three awesome teams. Congrats on your win!