pic: 2009 CalGames Winning Alliance

Thanks to teams 254 and 2854 for joining our alliance!

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of people come on these forums and post pictures of their offseason’s trophies. I’ve seen some cool awards… Those IRI banners are pretty nice…

But none of them. Nay, not even a world champion banner, looks as cool as a CalGames Wafer Plaque. Those are the coolest awards in FIRST. End of story. PERIOD!

Does 115 make them? Whoever does it, THANK YOU! your awesome :smiley:

AGREED!! We have now have 3 Wafer plaques on our trophy wall below our FIRST trophies, and they by far get the most attention. Granted we don’t have any Championship FIRST trophies, but still those plaques are the coolest.

115 is responsible for them. They are way cool. My favorites as well.

Definitely. Thanks 115!

If you haven’t already, could someone post a photo of one close up? I’d love to see one.


This was last year’s, but they’re pretty much identical (Except this year’s says “Lunacy Champion” on it :slight_smile: )


The square doesn’t intersect the circle as it does in the official FIRST logo. Maybe due to screen printing limitations?

The triangle intersects the circle though…

Also interesting is that it appears to be much closer to the old FIRST logo than the new one.

They are probably trying to avoid having to put the word FIRST under the symbol according to the rules that FIRST declares on its logo.

My love goes out to 604!

sigh, I started wondering why we weren’t there than I realized it was in California. Thats a bit of a road trip…

Great to know someone appreciates our efforts! Our mentor, Mr. Shinta, puts in a lot of time to make these look as beautiful as they do.

Yeah they are awesome awards! They really stand out from the other trophies.

Yeah they are awesome awards! They really stand out from the other trophies.

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