pic: 2009 Control System on 294's 2006 Robot

Beach Cities Robotics mounted the control system on our 2006 robot. All of the components fit nicely on the two vertical electrical boards. We have eight Jaguars on the robot and liked the fine control that they allow for.

Was this just a swap of electronics? If so, how much additional weight did you gain?

Yes this was a direct swap. We didn’t have a chance to weigh the robot after the swap, so I’m not sure how much heavier the new system is.


Have you played with integrating the camera and vision software yet?

I have a sudden urge to see a robot hurl poof balls at a vision tetra… :]


No we just got it driving late last Sunday. Our goal for this weekend is to get everything else wired up and mount the camera. This robot has been nonoperational for about a year now so it will be great to get it running again.

When did your 2009 control system arive? We are still waiting with nervous anticipation.

The control system arrived sometime during the week of December 1st. We put together the bench top setup on Sunday December 7th and transferred everything to our 2006 robot on December 14th.

Have you written new code for this robot yet, or are you still using the code already programmed on it? If you haved reprogrammed it, then how is everything running post-upgrade?

Just wondering :slight_smile:

We haven’t written the new code for it yet so it is just using the sample code that is pre-programmed on it. We only had time to wire it last weekend. The drive is running great. We are planning on programming it this Saturday so I will let you know how things run.


And of course testing a usb wheel with it? :wink:

Yes Adam:)

I can’t wait to hear how it goes :slight_smile:

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to finish programming during our work session today. Sorry Adam that means we didn’t have time to test the usb wheel either. Overall we haven’t had any problems with the new control system.

How is the cRio mounted on that board?

There are 2 clearance holes on the side of the cRIO that we used to bolt to the wood board.