pic: 2009 FRC 1153

2009 FRC Team 1153 Walpole Robo Rebels - Robot photo taken just before placing it in the crate.

That robot was beastly at the Boston Regional… when you got in position your shumper had a very high accuracy and throughput! you also had this incredible ability to unload all of your balls in the last 3 seconds of the game… i still remember that one.

I still fell like I’ve worked on that robot!!!

I saw it at GSR and it is literally identical to ours!!!

1153 didn’t come to Manchester this year. You’re thinking of 319, whose robot is very similar (they even have the same color scheme!)

You guys are amazing!! Good luck at your next regional!

It’s beastly and beautiful. 1153, we were discussing your robot all weekend because it’s so easy to remember because of these two factors. You got everything right with this one. :cool:

No I was thinking of this robot i didn’t see it compete, I saw a picture, one on the mentors visited our pit…

this bot was a thing of beauty…I’m still sorry we never got a chance to be on the field with you guys!

All: Thanks for the kind words about our robot. The Walpole RoboRebels had an excellent time in Boston and now we’re looking forward to some Philly Cheesesteaks next week. The shop crew is tweaking some hardware, and the programmers are – um, well, doing what programmers do: drinking more Mt Dew. The Website crew will be looking for your photos of The Hat tonight and will be posting them as we get them. I didn’t realize how popular it would be – we may post instructions on our website and we’re making more for Philly.

There’s always Battlecry at WPI!

What’s a shumper?

Shooter Dumper

ooh, I’m definitely looking forward to that! good luck in philly, and we’ll see you in wormtown!:smiley: