pic: 2009 FRC148 Robowrangler Robot - Tornado

The CAD Assembly of the 2009 Robowrangler Robot “Tornado” is now available for download.

Hi Everyone,
I posted a CAD assembly (STEP) of our 2009 Robot “Tornado” for download. I figured people might be interested in taking a peek at our design from this season. One of the ways I learned how to design robots was to take a look at the work of other teams. I figured sharing our full assembly model might help someone else learn something (like, what not to do?)

Please direct any questions to me, and I’ll be happy to answer them.



Thank you JVN I can’t wait to see all the design work!

One thing that the CAD does not portray is the elegant wiring on this machine. Very pretty.

Being the teacher that I am I would give you an “A+” for posting this and the related comment on your report card would read “Plays well with others.”

Thanks for sharing!!

Excellent! I’m going to have a blast going over this.

After getting to inspect this ‘beast’ at Lone Star and at the Championships, I was absolutely amazed that there was not a single nut or bolt on the robot. The cad work and machine work was so precise, all that was needed were rivots.

My hats off the your design team this year. Great job as usual!