pic: 2009 FRC1729 robot

Here is our 2009 robot.

Some specs:

2-16" propellers, each independently driben by a CIM.
Each propeller capable of spinning faster than 5000 RPM
4.8 Lbs thrust each propeller.

Ball handling:
Ground pickup, ~25" wide opening
~10 ball capacity hopper
Power dump system
Capable of feeding payload specialist stations

Drive train (besides propellers):
4 wheel Skid steer.
Wide stance.
2 direct drive wheels, 2 chain driven wheels. 1 CIM per side.
Shortened wheelbase for manuverability.

Good luck everyone, we’ll see you at BAE

Video please!

Man that thing must accelerate (and drain battery) like a madman on this regolith material!

yes, yes, do post a video

Yes, she accelerates quite nicely :smiley: and turns on a dime (thanks to the shortened wheelbase … after 4 years of perfecting wide drives, I think we’ve finally got a great one).

I don’t have any video at this time, unfortunately, but I do have some more pictures I’ll post in a while.

Oh yeah, we also have traction control and a way to maximize thrust (driver definable) to the wheels.

Should be a good year.

i wish we had traction control…but our bot wasnt even working when we shipped it

hey do u have some videos…i wanna c how well the propellers work.