pic: 2009 IRI Trophy

Here is an early peek at the 2009 IRI Trophy. This trophy was designed by folks at AndyMark, and anodized by Colors, Inc.


  • Size: 13" tall, 8" diameter ball
  • Ball strips are 0.04" thick aluminum, fastened with rivets
  • Base is 1/8" thick aluminum
  • Posts are polycarbonate
  • Rubber pads on bottom are AndyMark omni-wheel rollers
  • All logos and text is made by an ink transfer process, before anodizing, provided by Colors, Inc. in Indianapolis

That’s got to be the coolest IRI trophy yet. Awesome work AM!

Those are awesome trophies! I wish my team were competing and had a chance at winning one…

And I though last year’s trophies were cool! Nice job!

oh, and I want one.:stuck_out_tongue:

i think the trophies for the regionals should change every year and be unique to the game, that would make a far cooler looking trophy case.

I wish i was going to IRI, to at least watch…

That’s a very slick trophy! Great job, AM!!

I’m very certain that specifics are quite interesting but all that keeps going through my mind is, “OOOOOH SHINY!”

I am still quite fond of last years, since there is one sitting on my desk. :smiley:

Hopefully my guys/gals can bring home another one without me.

That is AWESOME! :ahh:

Awesome, now I just gotta win one lol. Not like that’ll happen but you gotta try.

Very nice, Andy.

But I must ask…where is the pic of the IRI bronze participation trophy? :confused:

har har.

its so pretty it reminds me of one of 1501’s robots…lol

I was thinking the exact same thing. I stared at the picture itself for a good minute or so.

Whoever wins that should treasure it forever. And by forever, I meant until the next shiny trophy is designed.

I hope to have one in our trophy case in just over a week. Now that’s craftsmanship!


Why does anyone want one of those? Those are for the runner up… :rolleyes:

I meant one of the Champion’s trophies, Jon :slight_smile:

See you there!


Sweet, love em. Guess we will have to fight for one of our own. :smiley:

This is the only competition that gives that kind of specs on the trophy.

This is the only competition Andy Baker is in charge of.


I’m pretty sure we’d give our left arms for a runner up at IRI.

I’m hoping these will be available on andymark.biz after the event.