pic: 2009 Mecanum Hub - Team 1595

I have to agree with dave here.

I’ve designed some mecanums on my own time as a little side project and figuring out how you are going to hold those shafts with 2 fairly large cantilevers on the end is an issue.

If you’ve addressed this already I’d love to hear your solution. Thanks!


very nice , but i will agree that a hex drive is a better choice than the key way.
mike d

Very nice design work. Gotta to agree with Studman Dan, Mike and DL in this thread though all very good points made. Also how many materials do you have available to use for roller testing. Durometer and polyurethane seems to work the best ask 357. I do love the web in between the petals of the wheel very good addition to your generic design. Good luck and I hope you get them made the way you want them to come out. Ohh and if you do make them take some pics please becuase these are sure to come out purty.

Above is the complete mecanum assembly. We first used mecanums in 2006 and discovered that the axle needed to be supported. Our current drive base design includes this. I will put this mecanum hub and put it on our drive base along with the old hub and upload it when I get a chance. The reason we won’t build this without a 5-axis is that the time required would not really be justifiable during the six week build season when we can get the old one made really easily.