pic: 2009 Speed Controller by Luminary Micro

This is a rendering of the new 2009 speed controller for the FIRST robotics competition.

http://www.luminarymicro.com/jaguar is the manufacturer site for it. There is a basic spec sheet available on that site.

Sexy kinda! :cool:

I was skeptical on how big the new ones would be. Nice to see they are about the same size as the Victors.

So is this the replacement for the VIC’s? looks pretty sweet!

How’d you find out about this Greg? There doesn’t seem to be anything on the FIRST or NI websites about it.

See the thread in the electrical section, there was a press release.

yup I saw that then did a little googling to find it and then took this as a screen capture out of the spec sheet. I figure teams would want to see it and the thread about it was bound to get buried after a short time.

That looks awesome

no fan makes me worry

Or even any obvious ventilation, for that matter

From the PDF spec sheet:

the enclosure better shields the cooling fan and electronics from debris

smexy. :cool:


Looks good. Although from the current view, it looks like the rear of a semitruck with a wide body kit.
Should flow well with the new electronics and looks to be a tad bit shorter.

Man! With a fast controller combined with current and speed feedback stock i foresee people implementing some really sharp control algorithms.

At which point we can all say with 99% certainty that it’s a software problem :wink:

WooHoo! sheilded from debris!
Do I see a spot for an atari game cartridge? :stuck_out_tongue:


p.s. Is it weird we think speed controllers are sexy?

for some reason it reminds me of Legos.

Well this one is worth being weird :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to hear from FIRST if this is being tested currently or on the market or what the development stage is on them. I intended to email the supplier to find out more information about it, avalibility, price, etc. Anyone else with me on this?