pic: 2009 X-Cats

The 2009 X-Cats official team picture.

Awesome picture guys.

I hope your having a great build season and I can’t wait to see what you guys bring to FLR!!

Well aren’t you guys all classy and professional. haha lol

looks nice guys good luck the rest of build season and during comps

Nice picture Ed…& HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Cool Pic Ed. Looks like your settling in to the new facility for Lunacy. Happy Birthday as well!

the shirts look awesome :smiley:

They are classics.

That’s an awesome picture. Also, happy birthday Ed!

Thanks guys.

wow…thats a really nice looking picture…how many team members do you have this year?

32 Students (now 31), 21 Mentors.
Obviously they’re not all in the picture.

But there ARE 2 Koko Eds.:smiley: (OK, one Koko Ed and one Koko Ed look-alike. Which one is which and where are they?)

Good Luck guys! great picture

:eek: Thats a huge team lol, we have about 50 robotics members in our school, there’s noway we could all fit in one picture :smiley:

Wow both of your teams are huge…we dont have that big of a team…we fit nicely in one picture…see orbit ball pic if your interested thats a good portion of our team! haha