pic: 2010 ausTIN CANs, 2158 Robot: Blackout

Here’s a picture of our robot on the night before ship day. Here’s a few of the specs:

Drive System:

  • Holonomic drive with 6" AM mecanum wheels
  • Powered by 4 CIM motors/4 Toughbox Nanos


  • Extends a 3 stage telescope and contracts to pull up the robot all in under 10 seconds
  • Powered by 1 CIM-Dewalt assembly


  • 3 bars Capable of suspending 2 robots if they can hang from the bars on the sides of our robot.


  • “ball-magnet” roller on front holds on to ball, powered by 1FP
  • simple surgical tubing powered kicker which can kick ball over bump, powered by 1FP


  • 8 Black Jaguars controlled via CAN, hence the name, Blackout.