pic: 2010 Boston Regional Recognition Buttons

These are the buttons for the 2010 Boston Regional Recognition Award buttons that each team will receive at Boston. Each team will get five buttons to use to recognize those individuals deserving of recognition at the regional. Please take the time to recognize someone!

Boston Regional Attending Teams:

FIRST is all about recognition and inspiration. This absolutely holds true for the FIRST Boston Regional event. To further encourage each of us to create the world we would love to live in, we present the 2010 “BOSTON REGIONAL RECOGNITION” BUTTON. This button will not be distributed freely, but must be EARNED by an individual.

The way it works…

Each team participating in the Boston Regional (about 53 teams) will receive a packet containing 5 (five) “BOSTON REGIONAL RECOGNITION” buttons and a Recognition Data Form for each button. Each team should plan to award a button to an individual at the event who should be recognized for outstanding behavior in any of the following areas:

  • Gracious Professionalism
  • Helpfulness
  • Spirit / Enthusiasm
  • Extreme Safety
  • Bringing people together

Individuals could be members of another team, FIRST staff, venue staff, the concierge at your hotel, or the driver of your bus. Assessing individuals to recognize is going to be somewhat subjective. However, the overriding factors are actions “Deserving Special Recognition.”

Not only will recognized individuals receive a limited edition button, but the team awarding the button should also record the name, team number or other affiliation, and reason for the recognition on a Personal Recognition Data Form at the time of the award. Each button you present should have an accompanying form. The forms should be turned in at the Pit Administration Table by noon on Saturday. Please complete this short form! Information about recognized individuals from all forms returned will be posted on the Rolling Thunder (Team 1511) website shortly after the competition.

So put your Gracious Professional game-face on and do what you always do at FIRST competitions, create an environment we all wish we lived in everyday and please take the time to recognize someone who deserves a Boston Regional Recognition Button!

Go Boston Teams!

For the Boston Regional Planning Committee,
Team 1511, Rolling Thunder

The 2010 Boston Recognition program was developed following the model set by MOE (Miracle Workerz) FRC365. The plans for hosting this program at your own regional event are found on their website: http://moe365.org/pra-howto.php Rolling Thunder has cloned this program to provide recognition to all the great supporters of FIRST at the Finger Lakes Regional and now at the Boston Regional. MOE brought this to the Finger Lakes Regional when they competed there and we wanted to keep that tradition alive and spread it to Boston! GO MOE!!! :smiley:

I recognize four our of five of those buttons. What is that center button?

Fenway Park!:slight_smile:

Hah, you wish, the green monster is clearly missing. Unless they tore it down and rebuilt seats there. Then put it back because I was over there yesterday.

Haha, I saw a baseball field and automatically knew it was Fenway. But there is no green. What is it? Unless it is some oversized college or league field.

So what is it Cynette? :confused:

My student button designers convinced me it was Fenway Park. But you are right, the Green Monster is missing. :confused:

I’m researching but I actually can’t seem to locate the image or another field with the same features as the one in the button. There appears to be a USA cut in the outfield; I’m hoping that will help me identify it.

Since I’m quite the Yankees fan, I’m wondering if the students have played a practical joke on me. :eek:

Well, this will definately be a limited edition Boston recognition button! :rolleyes:


That’s Fenway. The field on the button clearly isn’t. Besides, you can see “USA” cut into the outfield.

For those of us unfamiliar with Boston, would you mind explaining what the other four buttons are? (Well, besides the Paul Revere one. :rolleyes: )

Top Left: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agganis_Arena (home of the Boston Regional)

Bottom Right: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quincy_Market

Top Right: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massachusetts_State_House

As far as I can tell its not Yankee stadium but its not the best picture.

Sigh. The baseball park appears to be Anaheim Stadium. But if you look carefully, the Red Sox were playing the Angels that day! :wink:

Actually, I have no idea, no explanation. I’m pretty much speechless at this point. :o We will just pretend they are a Boston scene!
Shh, it can be our little secret!

No tortoise and hare button?

At first squint it did look like Fenway, but with additional bleachers in front of the Green Monster. :confused:

Except Fenway Park is green. =P

How about a First Telephone Button.

I would have recognized Yankee Stadium, so they wouldn’t have gotten away with it. :slight_smile:

If I had picked the designs, I might have gone with the “Make Way for Ducklings.” There is probably a hundred choices for great landmarks and images from Boston. So much history and culture! But I liked our team’s selections - especially when I thought it was Fenway Park!

More for this Game Hint: 42.349905 -71.076072 342.242026 and all. But yes: Make Way for Ducklings over the Mass State House any day.

Of course the button photo didn’t have green on the wall; there were those bleachers in the way. But I was looking at the Batter’s Eye: it looked in the right place but a little different, which was confirmed in JackG’s photo. :shrug: Guess I’m not much of a sports fan.