pic: 2010 Break Away

The 2010 Field “Hump” if you will. Mock Up, It was at kick off in Pittsburgh

The hump in New Hampshire seemed steeper. I did not measure it, but I was surprised that the drawing says 45.

Yeah, i deff agree here, it seemed wayyy steeper in manchester. More than 45

It also seemed a lot steeper at kickoff at Northeastern (Boston). I think the mock up in the OP is wrong.


36" wide bump would agree with 45 deg. 12" per ramp and 12" at top.
Each ramp would be 12" high and 12" wide… 45 Deg.

I agree with whats in the blueprints… if anything I think what was built was incorrect.

Remember back in 2006 in AIM HIGH, the ramps at either end of the field were really steep, but they were only 30 degrees. I know I was shocked to see how steep 30 degrees really was…

I think the mind might be playing tricks on you, but the angle should be 45.

does the ramp actually have a bump before getting onto it?

Yes, there is a 1/2" transition between the carpet and the bump.

These ramps were cut from the blueprints using our water jet. Inaccuracies are possible, but it was used as a guide for teams to start their design process.

Good luck teams :smiley:

Notice that the picture looks slightly rolled to one side. This I think makes this ramp look less steep than it is.

My team just built one from the blueprints and it seems about the same. I think it might just be the camera angle it was shot from.

Did i build our team’s bump wrong or is the manual just wrong in saying the bump is 12" high? Going off the team field drawings given by FIRST the “rib” as they call it, or ramp supports are 12 7/16 high then when assembled with a 3/4" piece of ply laying on top leaves the height of the ramp at almost 13 1/4". More than an inch difference from the supposed 12" high ramp used in this year’s game. Has anyone else had this problem? Is the drawing, manual, or (verly likely) me wrong?
Also the 1/2" transition from the field to the playing field. How far from the bottom of the ramp does the base plate extend? The reason I’m asking is because depending on the distance of the 1/2" transition from the bottom of the ramp it will greatly effect how the ball rolls to, and up the ramp.
The section in the manual im referencing to for the 1/2" transition is The Arena, Section 6.2.3:

6.2.3 The BUMPS
Two BUMPS are located at approximately one-third of the length of the FIELD. Each BUMP is 12 inches high, 12 inches wide at the top, and extends across the spaces between the TOWER and the Guardrail System. The BUMPS are covered with the same carpet as the rest of the FIELD (although of different colors - red and blue). Each BUMP is colored red or blue, corresponding with the color of the nearest ALLIANCE STATION. The BUMPS are fixed to base plates that are secured to the carpet of the FIELD to keep them from moving. The base plates are covered with the same carpet as the FIELD. Note that this forms a small (approximately ½-inch tall) transition from the FIELD surface onto the base plates.

The bump is confusing me so much this year. Maybe this will further help you understand what I’m asking for the second part if you still don’t know what the heck I’m talking about.