pic: 2010 LA Regional Finalists


LA Finalists: 980, 968, and 294. This was an awesome alliance to work with! Congratulations to 1717, 330, and 1452 your alliance was a power house!

Those last matches were CRAZY! Thank you, for a entertaining regional, and good luck!

Congratulations! I was extremely impressed with the great effort by all teams, and the creative and incredible robots at the event.


If you saw our robot when we cracked open the crate, you would have never believed we’d get it on the field at all. After spending all day in the pits on Thursday, and a rather disappointing performance on Friday, I’d say we did quite well to move up 41 spots in the ranking on Saturday, and get as far as we did. Thanks to 294 and 980 for putting up a good fight through the exciting 4-match finals. Glad we could take home some trophies with you guys.

Congratulations to the winners teams 330, 1717, and 1452. You guys had awesome robots, and a great alliance. Good luck in Atlanta!

Quarters, Semis, and Finals Videos are up on The Blue Alliance for those interested.


The first finals match was actually a 12-12 Tie! Crazy!


And then there are things you can’t see in this picture, like

980: There robot is built to be modular. Take out a few bolts and their entire kicker comes out. A few more bolts and out comes the electronics box. I was watching them build a lift mechanism and reconfiguring their robot inards to make room for it.

968: Uses a custom built transmission that disconnects the drive motors and redirects their power to the lifting mechanism. Even though they claim they built their robot on Thursday, you wouldn’t know it by looking in it. They did a nice job of putting it together and paying attention to details.

294: One of the few robots that I have seen to implement the CAN bus jaguars. The team did a great job of explaining how and why they used the CAN bus.

Nice job to all three of your teams, you have a lot to be proud of.

Thanks for the kind words Richard.
The use of the CAN system really paid off for our autonomous modes and our Co-driver’s Heads Up Display. In the end we received the Innovation in Control Award. This was definitely one of the most exiting regionals in my four years of FIRST