pic: 2010 Lake-Coast drive

Our drive base for 2010’

6 wheels, center wheel lowered ~1/8"

4 Cims to 2 toughboxes to Six 6" wheels

The center weels will be replaced with AM-“plaction” wheels.

Climbs the bump very stable after hours of tweaking the frame.(hand pushed)

How 1557 will be rolling in 010’

I am curious - what made you decide to build such a small chassis? (looks to be no more than 22" long, and ~20" wide).

Hmmm…It looks like Florida will have at least one tunnel traveler. Looks good guys, can’t wait to see the rest :slight_smile:

Are you only going to be powering 1 wheel per side or have not run the chain for the rest?

Look close, you can see sprockets on the outside of the end wheels, which will likely be used to connect them together with a long chain.

6 wheel robots usually work better with all 6 wheels powered, though.

I’m more interested in the contraption behind the table. Care to describe it?

Now that you said that I see them (iPhones need larger screens lol). Now it looks like the 4 corners are powered and the middle wheel that is an 1/8 lower is not. Is this correct?

Looking further…it appears the center wheels will be driven directly off the toughboxes, from the other of the double sprockets. Neat design.

That square looks just like mine, rust and all. I’m gonna have to check my garage and see if it’s still there!

I know this isnt the finished chassis but I would seriously consider beefing up the rear part of the frame where you have the cutouts. By removing the legs of the channel it will want to bend at that point. Perhaps look at putting a belly pan underneath the entire chassis out of 1/4" baltic birch.

Or since the chassis is rather short, just patch on an 1/8" doubler plate to the outside of the chassis around where the cutout is. My bigger concern is that they appear to be sharp corners and not radius cuts. Sharp corners will be a potential source of failure in the part.

It is 26x19" we made it small so it would be more annoying to other robots

its our mascot Volty Mcnut

you are correct sir.

we just bolted a 1/8th alluminum plate to the bottom, we also will have a super-structure to tie everything together, and it will also be completely welded*

not only will it go under the tunnel, but it Will climb the bump[/quote]

how do you plan on meeting the bumper clearance height