pic: 2010 Los Angeles Regional Champions

Los Angeles Regional Champions, 330, 1717, 1452.

Congratulations on the win.

I loved watching the videos of the LA finals. It was some of the most intense and nail biting matches this season. I noticed that all the robots on this alliance have uncommon drivetrains. 330 has 4 wheel drive with omniwheels and two massive pneumatic wheels. 1452 appears to have a 6 omniwheel drive. Of course 1717 has its lovely swerve drive.

Does anyone have any info on 1717 drivetrain? By the way, 1717’s hanger (I guess its actually a lifter) is seriously cool.

Can I answer any questions you have regarding our robot this year?

I was very impressed by your robot last year. Was there any improvements to the swerve this year? Also, I was curious if each wheel is independently steered and what options you have to control the drivetrain?

I hope your team come up for CalGames, so I can get a closer look (that goes to 330 and 1452 too).

CalGames is in good need of some SoCal :cool:

Do you have an extra robot I can borrow? :slight_smile:

The right front and left back wheels are connected with timing belts for steering, as are the left front and right back wheels. This allows our robot to turn and spin rather easily. I hope this picture helps. :slight_smile:

So are you folks still tweaking an end game that lifts another robot?:rolleyes:


that is beautiful. Are there any more pictures up somewhere of your machine?

That was the original plan, but after San Diego we thought lightening the lifter and lowering our CG was more important.

Here is a general shot of our robot. Would you like to see a specific part or our robot performing a certain action?

*Yeah! * Do you have any close-ups of the lifter? And how are the drive wheels powered? Coaxial or motor-in-module?

What an amazing robot.

The wheels are powered coaxially using timing belts.
Here is a better view of our lifter:

Thanks for the pictures so far. The webcast can only show so much detail. If its not to much trouble, I would love to see a clear shot of the drivetrain with the motors. Also, could you post a picture of your kicker/ball magnet and explain how they work? Lastly, is that a gas shock in your lifter and how do you release it?

For 1452, if there is a picture of the underside of your drivetrain, I would love to see it. I love robots with unique drivetrains.

CIMs used for power, Fisher-Price motors used for steering. The belts that connect the modules are inside of the chassis and on the same plane as the electrical board.

Our ball collector consists of a metal roller and centering paddles covered in Sorbothane, which has a coefficient of friction of about 15. The roller is powered by a Mabuchi motor and the paddles are powered by a window motor. The paddles center the ball and grab on to it which allows the robot to spin and move while still maintaining possession of the ball.

The kicker has surgical tubing attached to it and is pulled back using a dog-eared winch. When the kicker is pulled back to the desired angle, which is measured with a potentiometer, the winch is released via pneumatic piston.

Yes, our lifter has a compressed gas spring on it. We release it using a lever with a pneumatic piston on one end and the gas spring on the other. I unfortunately am unable to find a decent close up of the lever. Sorry :frowning:

kudos to the D’Penguineers for sharing so much detail and great shots of their robot. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin :slight_smile:

1717, you guys built an amazing machine this year. In a year where so many robots look and act the same, you pulled off an extremely creative and unique design that performed like a monster, and managed to make it elegant and good-looking, too. This is a team to watch at Atlanta.

Wow! I knew 1717 had an great robot from the webcast, but these pictures really show how exemplary and innovative the team is. I love the gripper. Thank you for posting such great pictures.

How does the lifter work? I understand it has a gas spring but how is it powered and how does it latch on to the tower?

1671 wishes to congratulate all of the winners from the LA regional. It was a lot of fun and everyone on our team enjoyed going.
Can’t wait till next year see you guys there again. :slight_smile: