pic: 2010 Los Angeles Regional Champions

I was continuously impressed by seeing your robot compete. Thanks for answering my questions about your robot! That gas shock and those sorbothane grippers were quite impressive. However… I neglected to take pictures of your robot, D:. Do you happen to have any pictures of a close up of one of your swerve models inside the chassis? My team is trying to CADD a swerve drive right now, and we were wondering if your robot uses any sorts of bearings/bushings/devices when rotating and steering each of your swerve modules.

Here is a picture of two of our swerve modules with the side plates off.

I believe KBonsell answered the first part of your question earlier, so I’ll answer the second. I couldn’t find a good picture of our latching mechanism though, so I’ll try to explain it as best I can.
It works very much like double doors that are push-only. The doors are two free-spinning half-wheels that are restrained by surgical tubing. When we drive into the pole, the pole pushes in between the two wheels, forcing them to open. After a certain point, the pole pushes past the wheels, and the wheels snap back into place, locking our robot around the pole. A wheel near the bottom of our lifter touches the opposite side of the pole, ensuring that we keep tight to the pole as our gas spring pushes up off the tower.