pic: 2010 Module

Decided to put a picture up of our module this year, since other people have been putting up their designs

Very nice. I like the gear transfer in lieu of chain.

Any chance you can post a side and top view?

Great swerve? or GREATEST swerve? Awesome drive this year. How much reduction did each “stage” of your drivetrain have, and what total reduction did you guys end up with?


Didn’t put in a top view, since all you would see is a sprocket.

There were only 2 reductions in this drivetrain. The first one was the sprocket going from the CIM to the sprocket at the top of the module. If we wanted to change the speed of the drive train we just changed the sprocket on the CIM. So the reduction was 13-24 to 40. The next reduction was in the gears on the module. The gears were 25 tooth and 50 tooth. These reductions to a 3 inch wheel allowed us to gear our robot anywhere between roughly 10-15 feet per second. (I think all of these numbers are correct, its been a long time and I didn’t feel like doing the math on it.)