pic: 2010+ Pit

After3 years we finally found the pit layout we like…its simply takes about 20 minutes to get up, and looks good :slight_smile:

It looks great!
I’m curious how you transport it back and forth between events. How small does it pack down?

we have a trailer to store and transport the trusses. It breaks down into 8 9.5" pieces. The rest of pieces (signs, lights, Plasma TV, power cables) get stored in a large crate. So its literally 9 pieces to carry. Also the trusses are very light.

Looks great!
Where did you order your trusses from?
Coming from Hawaii, we are always looking to find easy, lightweight pit items for transporting.

im not sure of the company name, but we had to ask them to custom make the trusses because their normal stock was 10x10x12(LxWXH). We had them made to 10x10x9.5 to meet the height requirements. Google “exhibition truss” and a few companies will pop up. take a look!