pic: 2010 Team 1625 Robot Design Hint #0


Team 1625’s first robot prototype. Feel free to speculate on this as much as you see fit.
Have fun and have a good build season!

I’m hoping this means you’re gonna stay 100% legal to every rule to make Honest Abe happy! :smiley:

I want to say you guys are going with tank treads, because of the belt sander. Your not going under the tunnel, Abe goes above the tunnelish structure created by the overhang of the belt sander.

P.S. yes I am bored

That hat looks like it could be hiding a nice little suction system.

it gotta do something with the top hat. i can feel it…

it’s suction No Doubt, see the vacuum in the background! :yikes: haha.

Has Abe’s nose been belt sanded?

The belt sander leads me to think of a similar ball intake and possible shooter as their 2008 robot.

Abe’s face was… vacuum formed.


They plan on freeing all robot slaves from their evil robot overlords?

I know exactly what this means!

I’m more looking at the ball’s proximity to the belt. Hmmmmmm. That lip looks about 3 inches to me.

I was thinking the same thing. And knowing their 2008 robot, that would be really competitive.

Aww come on! Abe’s been assasinated once. Why ya gotta do it again?

Well Disney recently released their new Lincoln Figure for Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln featuring a fully electric head. This allowed Imagineers to expand the facial capabilities and improve the realism.

So your going to be using a fully electric robot.

Loosly designed from the thing that cleans the Lincoln Tunnel?

Made entirely out of Lincoln Logs?

Well, they are from the Land of Lincoln.

But why would they put Abe between a belt sander and a bandsaw?

I’m going have to go with the using suction idea. The vacuum in the background seems to conspicuously placed to ignore…

Or maybe I’m reading way too much into it. :yikes:

Dont forget a Lincoln head on top that uses its hat to latch onto the tower XD