pic: 2010 Team 237 Memorial Day Parade

2010 Memorial Day Parade in Watertown. Team 237 had to tether the bot, we had a router without a power supply. :wink:

No time to swap out tires. We ran the AndyMark 8" Plaction with Roughtop tread for two miles on pavement. Next picture shows how little damage there was to the tread. Good enough for Where’s Wolcott next weekend.

Oddly enough, we couldn’t find the power supply for our router either. I checked the power specs on the router, found out it ran off of 12v with the same DC jack as the gaming adapter. We just unplugged the ethernet/power cables from the gaming adapter on the robot, plugged them into the router, and taped the router in place on the side of the robot. Worked like a charm- classmate connected and it worked fine for both the Bethlehem and Woodbury parades.

Yea, we get around that by just putting the router on the robot instead too.
Borrowing a DC power inverter works as well.

Great day for a parade!

Next year maybe the robot can pull the trailer of people…

I thought that was last year?

And I still think that seeing robots in parades is cool. (I am a dork)