pic: 2011 All Rookie Meet and Greet

This is the group shot of the 7th Annual All Rookie Meet and Greet at Championships. We had 14 rookie teams in attendence in addition to the host team, FIRST Team 1511. Special Guest, Jane Doll sitting in the front row in the center.

I was thrilled to be surprised by this photo last year and can’t wait to see a photo of the 2012 Rookie Meet and Greet this year! Woohoo!

Thanks for posting this, Cynette. :slight_smile:


It was soo much fun last year!

And it was fantastic to have Jane Doll as well :slight_smile:

Here’s one of my favorite photos!

:slight_smile: The FIRST Logomotion tubes were signed by Championship teams & FIRST’s famous people, and given to the rookie team who won the event activity.

There was ALSO another rookie team with the same pants as us!