pic: 2011 Chesapeake WFFA - Fred Needel with wife and son (Greg)

Great family FIRST family!

Forgive me for this completely off topic question, but its been killing me: Is that really a Marshal Yanda jersey?

It’s actually a one-of-a-kind RoboGreg jersey.

I just love pictures like this. Seems there ought to be a Merry Christmas Happy Chanukah Happy New Year, Love, The Needels somewhere on there.

I’ve got a photo somewhere of 4 generations of this family on the field after winning a big award at the event a few years back. And a very happy team.

Congratulations Fred & the entire Needel family! Certainly very deserving of this. You continue to a support a team in one of the hardest environments and that is respectable. :smiley:

Congrats Fred!
Nice pic with you and your family.

See you next week at VEX Worlds!

You know that Dottie has a similar stash hiding at home. Unfortunately, there are only two generations that have been documented to my knowledge.