pic: 2011 FRC Robot

This is a 2011 Robot I designed to practice elevator’s, specifically cascading elevators.

You’re missing the minibot :wink:

Looks like a quality practice design, great job!

Nah man, he might get lucky and find a team handing them out at the event :wink:

I don’t think many people miss the minibot.

But that looks like a good design! Nice job!

I mean, OP is from Ontario, so I feel like that would be practically a given if Logomotion were played again today.

Dang im 4 replies late, you guys are getting too quick :ahh:

Here is a link to the GrabCad, has all the Solidworks files, and I cna post a STEP if anyone wants:


As you guys noticed, I skipped minibots. I honestly just didnt feel like reading the rules on how they worked :stuck_out_tongue:

How are the orange angled tubes going from your elevator to back crossmember actually mounted to said crossmember? 1836 did a similar thing back in 2015, and our solution was not my favorite in the world. I’m curious how you’re doing it because the solution just looks like gravity in the CAD, but I assume you have something realer in mind or I missed something.

Overall, great design! I’ll leave the specific feedback to those who were around in 2011 and actually participated in the game.

You get a mini bot! You get a mini bot! You get a mini bot! You don’t ! You get a mini bot! :slight_smile:

How does the middle section of the elevator move up and down? It looks like it is attached to the green chain, but I don’t see anything moving the green chain.

I just put a weldment, I imagined the elevator being mounted to the drivetrain, then just welding those orange pieces on at the end. I could have easily added plates aswell, really just personal preference.

The middle section is the one that is attached to the chain, and the green cable is bolted to the middle section and the carriage, thus making it move with it. Its called a cascading elevator, Adam Heard has a great video series on how they work, called RAMP.

It seems like the orange diagonal supports will interfere with the bearings for your elevator.

I see a lot of very cool components in this design that I can only WISH had been available in 2011.

check to make sure that your orange diagonal brace isn’t interfering with the elevator bearings.

Very good point, I didnt think about that since I put those in last and never lowered the elevator after that. :ahh:

What was your reasoning on making the lower section of the elevator two separate motors? How come you didn’t just run a shaft between the two to make sure they kept synchronized and run power off that shaft?

I could have done that, but if I did, that would mean I need to add gearing to move the motor down/to the side, would have to machine that long of a shaft (Which we have had troubles with in the past), and doing it this way was simpler. I didn’t CAD it, but I intended there to be string pots on the elevator anyways, so adding another one to the other side isn’t that big of a deal.

Thanks for looking at the model and finding these issues, I fixed both of them in the most suitable way I could find. :yikes:[/quote]

The gearbox that rotates your arm is going to end up colliding with the cross member holding the cascading cable. You’re either going to have to change how you package that gear box or change how to attach the cable. Your attention to detail in this model is pretty impressive. There are just a few things that need to be improved.


Nice design! can I ask what kind of system you used to make the elevator?