pic: 2011 Logomotion Field Render - Perspective View

Okay, here’s my second annual rendering of the field. There’s a top view I’m rendering that will be up shortly, but here’s the perspective view. Everything should be to scale, and I’ll be working on a simulation of the game as well.

One question for you that I have been dieing to fine out. What are the exact highest of the pegs?

You are missing the loading slots for the feeders.

Couple of nitpicks:

The shape of the tubes seems close, but not quite right.

Also, I believe you are missing the round endcaps that are on each peg that keep the tubes retained.

Otherwise good work thus far.


Outer posts: 30 inches, 67 inches, 104 inches
Middle post: 38 inches, 75 inches, 112 inches

Ranging from 2.5ft to 9-1/3ft, That’s going to be a fun challenge!

There are a few things I am missing (feeder slots, end caps, etc…), but I was just trying to get a rough model up. I’ll be correcting and adding onto it as I go.
The tubes, although I think they are scaled right, their scale isn’t correct to the field, so they’re a bit larger than they should be, and possibly a bit too tall on the z-axis. I’ll probably just redo the tubes completely.
Thanks for posting the heights of the poles - I got that one wrong! I assumed 30" between every pole, but that’s easy enough to fix.
Thanks for pointing these things out!

Wait, I thought the height of the posts were 30,60,90 for the outside and 38,68,98 for the middle. Correct me if I am wrong.

How did everyone find out the heights of the Poles, our team has been dieing to find out??? Email me: Mkinney1295@yahoo.com

To determine once and for all what the peg heights are, go to this link:


Download the Game Specific drawings for all the playing elements on this year’s field. Specifically, look at drawings GE-11000 through GE-11005. From these you can determine measurements from the 11 gauge steel base plate that sits on the floor up to the bottom of the pegs, or to the center of the end disks which are welded tangent to the bottom of each peg’s pipe, or to the top of this disc. Since I don’t know how you will plan on aiming at the pegs, I won’t publish actual dimensions here, but you can easily calculate them.

Plans are also on this site for team-built pipes made from PVC plastic pipe. Be careful when you make the pipes out of plastic. Not all tee-fittings are the same size, and pipe doesn’t always bottom out when glued into the tee-fittings, so be sure to measure the finished products when you make them.

Okay, an update is here!
I’ve addressed all issues that have been pointed out to me, let me know if there’s anything else I’ve forgotten (besides small things like “there’s no colored tape around the feeder slots!”).
I’ve got a top and perspective view, if someone wants another angle for visualization I can render out a 1080p photo in about 15 minutes. Also, due to issues last year, I’m copyrighting these under aCreative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
The realtime example has also been started, but isn’t near a point to be published. I’ve switched game engines (last year I used Blender, which I used to render these photos) and am now using Unity 3D. Best of all, it’s got a webplayer!
Enjoy these for now!

What is the angle for the tape where it splits off?