pic: 2011 Logomotion Field Simulation

Alright, as a follow-up to the renders you’ve already seen of the field model (http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=88970 if you haven’t), here is the real-time simulation! It’s hosted on our website, http://www.teamtitanium.org on the Resources tab. We have a webplayer available, so no download is necessary, just stream it! If you want to download it anyway, it’s available for Windows and Mac. This was made with Unity 3D, and there is a plugin you’ll have to grab to use the webplayer, but it’s a small download (and Unity games are increasing in number out there).
This isn’t a full, super-accurate simulation. The field and game pieces are accurate, and the physics are very accurate, but there’s no robot. You can toss around pieces and get a feel for the size of the field. The controls are WASD or arrow keys to move, space to jump, and the mouse to move pieces around. The mouse will also hide itself after you left-click, so use the escape key to show it again. “R” resets the game (there’s no timer for the field, just a sandbox mode), and the 1, 2, and 3 keys add game pieces in the nearest Red Alliance lane.
Have fun with it!

This wasn’t mentioned above, but if you have any problems with the web player or downloading the files, feel free to send a message to me and I’ll try to get them sorted out. All .zip files that were on the site magically disappeared from the server sometime before last week, but everything seems okay for now.

This is very cool! It really shows just how far of a trip robots will need to make if they pick up tubes from their feeder stations.

Thank you very much for making this and sharing! :]

I fell off the edge of the field and have been falling ever since … :frowning:

Very cool :smiley:

It would be way more fun to play with this many pieces…


It would be fun trying to score those interlocking game pieces…

Thats about how many pieces will be at each event. With the pop rate, field reset will be using plenty of spares.

I think this is what you mean:yikes:

SUPER Logo Bonus???

Now get 3 of those in a row. Automatic world domination.

It’s fun to imagine how the gameplay would change having to wade through all those tubes…

Or maybe the next game is in a playpen full of plastic balls!

nice game… i never thought that getting the tubes on the rack would be so “twitchy”

very interesting…

You guys doing timed runs? I can get 50 points in a 2:15 run (1 Ubertube)

So I’ve been playing for a bit and can’t seem to get tubes to the top, do you use jump or try to throw it?

sweet game, is there a 6 player version in the works?


You can score them by backing up before you pick them up. The smaller they are the higher you can reach.

My “high score” is now 60 points :slight_smile: finally got that third logo in time :smiley:

sweet thats it


nice is their a multi player game the our strategy and and team can simulate a real match would be nice practice considering we all play halo or counterstrike on lan uy not hav this on a lan or internet setup

So… yeah it works good. Passes time… Fun to play :cool:

but ummm… Is that legal? and did I just score 30 pts?

is there a shortcut to exit when in full screen mode? being able to close it w/o using ctrl-alt-del would be a nice feature if it already does not exist.

anyway, i found the trick to making the most of it. i remapped a logitech dual action gamepad (PS2 style) to make it like modified arcade drive.

the left stick worked well out of the box, but what about the right? it’s job is done by the mouse, so i remapped the right stick using the logitech utility to be the mouse when the simulator is run. i also turned down the range to keep it manageable.

i also remapped the following:

(button, command)
1, 1 (triangle tube)
2, 2 (circle tube)
3, 3 (square tube)
6, left click (hold/release tube, hide/center cursor)
9, r (reset game)
12 (right stick button), esc (show cursor)

it runs well with that setup… a fellow member who is a hardcore halo gamer did really well as the controls were similar to halo. i like it as well.

happy gaming!

i decided to use the simulator for an experiment.

i disabled the x axis of my left stick to simulate a 6wd drive system. it was not easy to do anything. it was a struggle to aim. consider this test as food for thought on the mechanum vs 6wd debate. try it yourself and see what happens.

is there a shortcut to exit when in full screen mode? being able to close it w/o using ctrl-alt-del would be a nice feature if it already does not exist.

Pressing the windows key seems minimize the window when it’s in full screen mode.

what about the strafing 6wd. I expect to see more of those than the pure 6wd.