pic: 2011 MadTown ThrowDown Champions

2011 MadTown ThrowDown Champions

973 (Swerve) - 254 - 841

I’m curious as to who picked who in this alliance?
Sounds like it was an awesome event to compete in!

973 - Swerve seeded FIRST and picked 254, then they picked 841.


Just added the CAD to our paper with all our robots. Check it out!

Some details are missing, and a few things got messed up during the .stp conversion, but the good stuff is all there.

Well there goes my week of productivity. :slight_smile:

Thanks 973.

I’m tearing straight into that lift. Thanks for posting your CAD, it’s great to finally have some reference CAD for a light and competitive lift.

Just don’t look at our claw then… The lift itself is very light and weight-efficient… the Claw, not so much.

The claw was also our biggest weakness all weekend, despite being easier to score with than our comp bot, it was still far too easy to get stuck on pegs (because of how big and awkward it was).