pic: 2011 robot.


This image was emailed to me today.

Looks good! Can it reach the top tier of pegs? hard to tell from this angle…

How tall is it? Doesn’t the height have to be below 5 ft???

It’s exactly 60" tall, scores all three levels.

how tall does the robot have to be before the game starts?

Read the manual. It’s clearly given to you.

which thred


If you have not read it yet, I would highly suggest you do. Read the FRC Game Manual first, as the other stuff is not as relevant to building the robot right now, but be sure to read the other sections as well.

No thread check section 4: the game manual

ok we read the dang manual we would like to know this so we have the correct specifications :mad:

thx other guy

Did you find your answer?

yep thanx ryan sorry for tone yesterday

60 inches