pic: 2011 Team 1370 Thermogenesis Logomotion Robot

Our 2011 Logomotion robot. This robot is one of the best built by our team in its 8 year history.

This robot has very clean lines. Looks fantastic.

I noticed two CIMs driving the front mecanums and a third CIM up on the shoulder joint. Since we are only allowed 4 CIMs this year, is there a Banebot CIMulator driving one of the wheels?

It is a little hard to make out the gripper against the background of the blue bumpers. I don’t make out any rollers. Best I can tell it is a pinch mechanism with one side of the pinchers inserted into the center of the tube.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the diamond plate. I wish we had the weight to put diamond plate up the sides of our A frame…

Luckily, the issue with 5 CIMs on this robot is an easy fix. Install the 2011 FP in an AM Planetary and use it on your arm.

Yea we have 4 cim for the drive and then modified the arm motor but are going to change it with another motor…yea and the arm is a pinch mechanism

thanks for the idea…yea we used four cims for the drive so we will look at the idea u suggested and might go with it…the good thing is our regional is not until next week…so we have time to build another one