pic: 2011 Utah Regional Winners

2011 Utah Regional Co-Sponsored by NASA and Platt Champions

Number 1 seed 2122 - Team Tator, Boise, ID - 17-0-1
Number 2 seed 399 - Eagle Robotics, Lancaster, CA - 16-2-0
Number 22 Seed 3239 - Birds of Prey, Layton, UT - 10-6-1

Alliance was undefeated throughout Eliminations
In qualification match 62, 2122 and 399 set the regional high score of 126 points.

It was a pleasure to play alongside and against all teams in this competition!

After pit neighboring with 2122 in Seattle, I have to say, these guys are one of the nicest teams around and easily one of my favorite to work with. I am really bummed we weren’t able to do more with them this year. I kept checking the results and rankings for Utah and wasn’t surprised to see them take 1st seed. They worked hard, made a great robot and certainly deserved a regional win this year.

Congratulations Taters and friends. See you in St. Louis, great showing!

We were also pit neighbors of 2122. They were extremely nice when we needed a part. They were also glad to explain their custom transmission(which I was extremely intrigued by).

They definitely deserved the Motorola Quality Award and Number one seed. 399 thanks them for picking us.

My favorite match would have to be the last qualification match where we set the regional high score together(After individually setting it on several occasions earlier on)

3239 cannot go unmentioned!
They played some really smart defense, despite some technical issues. They saved us from a robot hitting our arm during tube pickup(preventing a repeat of SD FM1)

The few members of 399 that attended this regional described it as one of the best regional events they have ever attended!

I also want to give a plug for the Utah Regional at which I volunteered. Yes, the venue had some issues, especially with the infamous “Tunnel of Love” that rivaled the one at Houston (for those old enough to remember that - although I don’t think Houston had a leaky roof and wet floor). The volunteers, teams, staff, were all friendly, helpful and upbeat the entire time. Thanks to everyone for making my job easy. The community embraced the event and I’m sure it will continue to grow. I encourage everyone to consider attending next year.

For the second year in a row, the Utah regional was great! Highlights for us:

  1. Having Carol as the head referee - love the way she interacts with the teams, her enthusiasm, and her big picture view
  2. Having Blair on the microphone and Mark on the floor
  3. Having #399 come up to compete - and then getting lucky enough to have them in the next pit over and then finally as partners for the elimination matches - their cool approach and smooth operation lowered our stress levels significantly.
  4. Seeing 1891 win the chairmans award - they have had quite an affect on the Boise Valley for many years - including their sponsorship of us 5 years ago - though they might want to deny all responsibility for what has happened since:)
  5. The friendly relaxed attitude that Richard and team bring to the regional - it makes it a unique and enjoyable event
  6. Finally - getting a chance to see the classy and warm teams - like 1696, 3405, 3239, and the new guys on the block - 3483 who supplied tubes to us and #399 like wild men in that 126 pt match.

To all of you who made the Utah regional such a great event - Thank you!

Skunkworks - we too are sorry that we didn’t get a chance to partner - maybe we will be a bit luckier at the championships. If it works for your schedule next year, we would love to have you come visit us in Utah - if you need a resting spot between home and Salt Lake please let us know.

Congratulations to you guys!! It was really fun having a pit next to yours in Seattle!.. We hope you come back…!! There is some talk of a regional in Spokane next year… nothing firm yet though… so one place or the other we might run into you!!

We are starting to consider things for next year for our team and I have already made a note to consider the Utah Regional…but then again… we still need to finish this year!! Unfortunately we won’t be on the same Divisional Field as you for CMP (We are on Curie) but we will certainly come over and say hello!!

Thanks again and the BEST of luck to you in St. Louis!!!

Just wanted to let you know that the video for the Utah regional has been posted on the Tators web site under the media tab - www.teamtators.org . The videos are pretty good quality, but it takes a bit of time to load - enjoy!

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I was lucky enough to attend the Utah Regional on Saturday. I spent the majority of the day in the cheering section on the floor in front of the field, and while the arena was definitely small, I felt there was a great atmosphere. There was a lot of spirit between 2484, 2993, and some others, and having Mark Leon there was a treat. While the venue could use some work, I definitely enjoyed the experience. And one more time, congratulations to the winning alliance, it was pretty exceptional the numbers you guys continually put up.